What Chisels Do You Need?

Lesson Objectives

Its a minefield of different and conflicting information out there. So in this video I cut through all that mess and give you a simple guide to finding what works for you.

My Tool Recommendations:

Below is a selection of tools that I have personally used and have comprehensive experience with, therefore feel comfortable recommending. The majority of the links below are affiliate links meaning I get a small commsion if you purchase the item after clicking the link. This is at no extra cost to you and helps me continue to provide these videos for free!

My Recommendations

Budget Tools – Rider

These chisels have lovely hornbeam handles on an 01 blade which is easy to sharpen and has relatively good edge retention. It is not as long lasting as A2 or PM-V11, however for a beginner its perfect as it forces you to get into the habit of sharpening more often. If you want to know more about the types of different steel, watch this video.

Mid Range Tools – Ashley Isles

Ashley Isles create lovely tools for anything from woodturning, to carving, to bench chisels. Best of all, they are all made in the UK which I think is a really nice touch. They have a certain handmade feel to them that I think is really appealing.

Premium Tools – Lie Nielsen / Veritas

These chisels are beautiful tools to use and admire. Lie-Nielsen uses A2 steel in the production of their chisels which has good edge retention properties and is still relatively easy to sharpen. Veritas however use PM-V11 steel which has a longer edge retention and is apparently as easy as A2 to sharpen. In my case, I have found it slightly harder than A2 to remove material, although the feel of these chisels in your hand is incredible.

Now that you know what chisels you need. Next lets focus on What Saws you Need.

What Do YOU Recommend?

If you have experience with a brand other than the ones listed above, please don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comment section below!