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Project Summary

You did it! You completed the dovetail box project. Congratulations! Or at the very least, you finished binge watching the entire series in one sitting. Either of which are perfectly fine. Just make sure you go out and try it yourself!

Lesson Objectives

This project is deceivingly complex despite it’s initial appearance, mainly due to the amount of processes involved. We’ve covered everything from sizing material, to cutting and fitting dovetails, gluing a box to ensure its square, edge jointing, flattening surfaces, cutting rebates, mitring components, and refining, sanding and finishing for a high quality result.

There is a lot in this project. But I would also like to stress that anyone is capable of doing this with enough practice, patience and determination. Be sure to make full use of all the resources I have provided in this school including all the lessons prior to this project and you will be just fine.

Thank you very much for tuning into this series. Please do take a moment to look at the students who have completed the course below and join me in congratulating them for such an amazing effort!

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How to Finish the Box

The Student Series

Want to see another beginner make this project before you? It’s a great way to scope out any mistakes before you make one yourself!

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