Part 13

Mortising The Door Components

Lesson Objectives

In this video, I’ll show you the quick, accurate way to cut a mortise. While it’s perfectly ok to do this with just a chisel and mallet, it’s quite often quicker to drill the waste out first. Especially on small, delicate components like this that won’t take repeated beating very well!

This stage is fairly simple. Just get a drill bit that matches the width of the groove you have cut within the door frame (or close enough) and use it to remove the majority of the waste.

If you’re using a pillar drill, make sure to set a stop on the depth gauge to prevent yourself blowing through the opposite side. If you’re using a hand drill, I’d suggest wrapping a piece of masking tape around the drill bit to act as a depth stop. 

Alternatively, grab yourself some of these drill depth stops available from Axminster Tools and Machinery.

Drill Depth Stops
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Supporting Material

Click the images below to see supporting material helping you with this part of the project.

Want to know more about cutting larger mortice and tenons? This lesson teaches it from start to finish!

Have you got the plans yet?

Package includes working drawings, a cutting list, and a 3d SketchUp model!

The Student Series

Want to see another beginner make this project before you? It’s a great way to scope out any mistakes before you make one yourself!

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