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How to Use SketchUp Tools

Lesson Objectives

In Part 2 of the SketchUp Series, I show you the uses of the various tools at your disposal, as well as give my input on their uses and where I often find myself using them.

The Tools

Select Tool

Use this to highlight sections you want to select. A left to right movement will select everything that is entirely contained within the box. A right to left movement will highlight everything that crosses within the box boundary.


Use this to remove individual lines, or entire components

Fill Tool

Use this to apply textures and colours to materials

Pen Tool

Used to draw a variety of shapes either freehand, or by locking onto the axis.

Curve Tool

Used to draw curves using various forms of calculation. I prefer using the 3 point curve.

Rectangle Tool

Used for drawing squares and rectanges


Used to turn 2D shapes in 3D shapes. Simply click, drag, and type in the dimension you wish to extrude to.

Solid Tools

Only available on SketchUp Pro. Absolutely incredible at creating joinery when you want to nest a component into another.

Move Tool

Used to move components, lines and faces around the screen.

Tape Measure Tool

Used to measure distances and create construction lines that can easily be removed later.

Walk Tool

Used for walking through structures primarily. Quite difficult to use when walking around a smaller piece.

Orbit Tool

Indispensible when creating 3D objects. Click down the mouse wheel to access the shortcut for this tool.

Series Summary

This 7 part series will take you through the entire process of modelling a beautiful Shaker Table, including a dovetail drawer, in both a fun and informative format. While also covering all the best practices and little tricks of the trade throughout.

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Did you know you can download the shaker table project for free? Make sure you've got it to follow along with!

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